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I'll start...



I grew 6 bulbs a few years ago. I had seen someone cook the enormous bulb by washing it placing it in tinfoil then puring olive oil on it before cracking some peper on it. Wrap n bake.
Each clove just melts as you push a knife through it and spread it on a nice chunk of well buttered fresh bread.

I grew them in the ground but this year (they'll be delivered in autumn) I'll grow in 25L pots in rejuve'd cannabis soil.
I took no pics at time so I've included one from the web.
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I am retired and love gardening, so stand by ;). I just bought a house and spent this first growing season testing out different spots in the yard. I tried several varieties of tomato and pepper, (all heirloom, internet seeds) and the Anaheim chili was the only thing that thrived other than cherry tomatoes. I've found that they can be fairly hot if you let them ripen to orange, but you can use them like a bell pepper before that, and they grow a lot quicker than bells.


I have a plan now for next grow season, and some construction to do, but a greenhouse-ish thing is in the works.


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Beautiful! They dont look far off of a bell pepper weight wise.
If you have't tried them it's like a pablano for flavor. Good pepper taste for seasoning stuff, but a little heat that can vary from pepper to pepper. But even the hot ones won't burn like a jalapeno. Great to just slice in half, stuff with "whatever and cheese" and toss them under the broiler.


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I've got some Jalapeno and Anaheim going. A few Bells.
Have you noticed them producing in cycles? I don't know it it's the climate where I am, but I got 1-2 peppers on each plant, then nothing, When I picked those, more started growing, etc. This took until just recently and now they are constantly producing.

Is it a thing where it's best to pick the early ones off early to promote growth?


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I recieved my Elephant Garlic in the post today and planted 6 cloves in 2 pots due to lack of adeuquet ground space.
3 cloves per 25L pot. When they have grown some I'll repot each into its own 25L pot.

All of my grow soil goes into my garden composter with green waste. I top this up particully dark stinky nitrogenous compost. I included a pic of a wasp that was smitten with the same stuff. He/she was actually humping the compost.

Happy growing


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I didn't get any starter plants this year, just heirloom seeds that looked cool and I started them all in my tent.
Honeycrisp Bell, Sunlight Bell, Anaheim's, and some oddball Roma and cherry tomatoes.

I have had weather and bug issues lately (did you know stink bugs ate peppers and tomatoes?) so I have been picking stuff just as it starts turning.

I think the stars have been the Black Cherry (the purple ones) and the Black Krim (the fat one). The little ones are "sweet 100's", jst regular cherries, for reference.

The Black Krim don't "window-sill" well, and are better left on the vine until ripe if you want to eat them fresh, but ripened on the sill they are meaty like a Roma and make a good sauce - and are plentiful on the vine.


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For me it's my passion fruit vine, but it's not currently the season for fruit or I'd go take some pics of the flower and fruit on it. Mix it with a miracle fruit and it's an awesome snack. Miracle fruit changes the way your tongue perceives taste where sour becomes sweet, bitter isn't bitter and spicy is not the same lol. It's great for turning lemons into lemonade with no sugar. I think that tree just started flowering last week... will have to snap a pic when some fruit are ready.