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I've been a medical cannabis cardholder for most of my adult life. In high school I would have never imagined myself a "pot smoker". One day I was at a party and found myself the only one drinking beer. All my friends were sitting around passing a bong. It wasn't the first time this had happened and I was curious. I figured if they were all passing on the beer and instead hitting the bong, there must be something to this Cannabis stuff.

I took a hit that was larger than it should have been, and immediately had smoke blowing everywhere. My throat was burning, eyes were watering, and no amount of water seemed to help. I waited for something to happen as they all laughed around me. Nothing. I remember thinking they must have all been experiencing a placebo effect, because I felt nothing. The only thing I could feel was a burned throat.

Months went by and another friend was passing a bubbler around at another party. I passed. He asked me why and began telling me about how amazing his weed was. "That's what the last guy said" I thought to myself. He told me that if his weed didn't get me high, nothing would. He also explained that some people don't get high the first time they smoke. I caved. I took a more modest hit off the bubbler, but still felt like I coughed up a lung. I waited. Nothing. 5 minutes later I took another hit, then went outside with my friend to grab a smoke.

Not long after I arrived outside the first hit kicked in. I didn't know exactly what I was feeling, I just knew I wasn't sober anymore. The high started coming on really fast and strong. I went back inside and sat down in a chair thinking "omg, if this is what the first hit feels like, what's going to happen when the second one hits me?". A minute later I found out.

Somehow I managed to make my way to a couch, and once I lied down that was the end of me. I felt like I had sunk into the couch and become one with it. I could barely lift my head it felt so heavy. I couldn't stop laughing or smiling. I had never felt so relaxed or at peace in my life. That night I had the best night's sleep of my life. Prior to this I had always suffered from insomnia. From that day forward I suffered no more. I found cannabis helped with a number of different issues from headaches to nausea to chronic pain. Eventually I stopped using almost all prescription or over the counter meds, and got my medical card. Mary Jane and I have been a couple ever since.


My weed story. Hmmm....

Cannabis wasn't on my radar in school. I knew guys that smoked, knew one who got busted with over a pound in his backpack. Oops.. Gone to military get fat school right after graduation. Served for 8 years, drank a shitload of beer but no smoke. While after I got out I started dating a gal I went to school with, she smoked, I didn't give a shit, just didn't interest me. Then one night she introduced me to Lucinda Williams, she said this was her favorite strain. Most nights I'd have already been pretty liquored up by 7-8pm but for whatever reason I was behind schedule that night. I took a couple way bigger hits than I should have. Thought I was a tough guy so when it came back to me, I took a few more hits. Then it hit me. I remember thinking, Ill never replace the high of war, but this was pretty fucking euphoric, she was feeling frisky and well the rest of the night went very well.

I woke up the next morning, early like I always do. Made breakfast and went for a run to put my thoughts together. When I got back I had realized, I went to bed sober, had some fantastic sex, had no hangover, and I felt good. Oh and the sleep, yeah it was amazing, like the last time I slept that good I was in Iraq. Damn did I sleep good, I talked about how good I slept all day.

Now days I'm an evening smoker, couple times before bed. Don't drink near as much, just a weekend warrior anymore. Still sleep great, though I've found that strains like lucinda tend to keep me up, so we keep some bedtime strains around. Like to find some Lucinda seeds some day. Still like that stuff.

Oh, Ended up marrying the girl who I smoked with that first night.


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I was 16 first time I smoked weed. I was surfing with my mates, we had just started to get decent at it. A few of the older boys took notice of this and showed us some tricks, moves and the mighty Mary Jane lol.

After a mean day of waves they asked us if we wanted to have a hit from their bong. I looked at my mates and said yeah no worries but I haven’t tried it before, they looked at me with a cheeky smile!
After marching off into the sand dunes they produced what they called a “Springer”, name of a homemade bong using a certain glass juice bottle. They got a grinder out which I looked at with amazement as I’d never seen or heard of one at that point. They packed me a massive hit I coughed but not to much held it in. It got passed around by the time it got back to me I was feeling very high. I took another hit and it was a lung bleeder I had a massive coughing session, I was glad the session ended after that.

After the rush calmed down I remember walking back to my board feeling heavy but awesome. The walk back to the car felt like eternity and my board weighed 100kg.
Before I left one of them gave me 10 seeds. This started my outdoor career and my love of herb, I’ve been growing and smoking pretty much since then.

I still surf/smoke at that beach regularly with the same blokes 20 years later. You can’t beat a good left!!!


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I started smoking weed at 16, I'm 61 now, I've been at it for 45 years. So, my government made a criminal out of me for 45 years and now they want to be my supplier, fat chance. Years ago, the slogan was "overgrow the government" and by God, I think we've done it , or well on our way. I'm happy to see the laws changing now but I'm a little bitter about having to sneak around and worry about the cops busting me for the better part of my life. A buddy of mine got busted for a half pound of weed back in1969. He sat in the Remand Center for 8 months til the government could analyze it and determine it was pot. He served 2 years less a day in prison for that. He never smoked another joint, he told me "they cured me of that".

Anyway, I love growing weed and I've been at it for quite a while now. I only grow about a kilo a year, just enough for my wife and I.

That's it...


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Smoked in High School, knew I'd end up in prison eventually so I joined the military. 2 different services and 25 years later I had a nice retirement check, a disability rating that gave me extra money, and a "refill as needed" opioid scrip. I was happy, content, and living in jello like they want...

Started buying while going to college and getting a divorce from a cheating dependa, got a few seeds in a sack, planted them and the rest is history. I think that having my first issue and finding a forum when looking for an answer was when I really started growing.

6 years now and the only scrip I take is Nexium.
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