H.a.F. Testers and QB's - crop rotation


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I paid for the ex-dependa to go through ECPI computer institute in the 90's... She had to learn all that stuff - then they invented Windows and mouses… and the °°°°° never got a job...


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Back to the plants - didn't get a pic, but it would have looked like the other ones. The GDP is still happy in the morning and drooping at night.

I think the gnats are done, and if they aren't I'll treat again, but all my flowering plants are going to be in the flower room at lights on.

The veg-room will get the tent plants, and I'll see if having more light helps out the GDP. I have tried both dimming the lights and raising them to get the younglings acclimatized to more light, and I have found that going from QB's to QB's the dimming really doesn't matter. It did when I had seedlings under CFL's but I am growing them in the tent longer now that I have better light, so I think they are just more established.

And if I can get around to it, what better day to drop some seeds than 9/11. Probably snag a nap this afternoon LOL


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Haven't shared this on here yet, but I do dry-sift with my trim (and make oil) rather than doing the bubble hash thing. I toss it in the dehydrator with the fan/no heat and in a few hours its dry.

Made a 120m sifting box. The pieces stick together with magnets, and there's a sheet of tempered glass on the bottom (I built it around the glass I could find, 12x12) and there's a little finger-hole so I can poke the glass out easily

I run it through once, trying not to cheese-grater too much veg through with the goodies.

This is before I brushed off the bottom of the screen 😋

And I'll put this in the Nova decarb machine and then make budder.

I only do one good run, mainly watching to see the white-to-green ratio of the tiny bits, then I put it in the freezer until I fill a jar to make oil.


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My new rooms. The flower room I bumped back to 12/12

And this room is 18/6. Didn't change the light height from the other plants. I'll lower it over the next few days.

I still need to move the little clone project over to the 12/12, but when I moved the big-uns they were light. so watering first. And the black cups are covering five 4th Gear and 5 Florida Diesel seeds getting moist- more info when I plant tomorrow. They'll be moving to the tent.


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Busy night keeps getting busier. The girl not shown was unexpectedly done. I can't get a decent pic but the lower cola have about 10-15% amber and all the pistils have tightened up. The top doesn't look as close but still good.

And I put coffee on because after I harvest the one plant and get it cleaned I need to top the smaller CJ.


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And the reason I mentioned just topping a plant as a "thing" was because of the cloning/sexing thing. I can't just snip it and toss it.
4 more flowers, 157g wet, the big one is 60g.

And here's a little excel sheet I use to add stuff up and compute it because calculators suck. The little green box is the running total. All 3 plants that were fed with the Botanicare "Sweet Grape" finished before the others. The 2 left are being fed the Bembe (Fox Farms) cane sugar additive. Each row is a limb.


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And I still have the dry sift from this mornings harvest to run, and by the time everything else is done this chop's trim will be dry.

What a great way to be busy :cool:


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What’s wet weight vs dry weight percentage. Not really seen wet weight all that much.
Freshly chopped (and trimmed for me) is the wet weight. During the drying and curing process (about a month) it will lose +/- 80% of it's weight.

Now the more stem you have, the more of that remaining 20% will be stem, but having more or fatter stem doesn't change the equation. When the stems dry out they weigh next to nothing (unless you're paying for them LOL)


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My life just got easier. The fat stems when topping the manifold will not root. It's too old. Ditched that whole process. So I can either veg them long enough to have longer shoots (or keep the lowest set specifically for sexing).

OR I can say screw it and cull males after I flip them. ✔ ;)

The only question still to be answered with the CJ is if I can get them through flip and sexing in the one gallon pots, or if I should just re-pot.
Day 25 is plenty for first topping, and that has held steady through several different strains.

And day 30 has the 4 keeper shoots this size. I am going to try flipping these as soon as I top, (when these shoots are the size above) and see what happens. It should work out to when the last NL are ready for harvest, but I'm not rushing them. I may flip these in this room again.

I am leaning towards re-potting, but if I have 8-10 plants (next run) that I am waiting on sex, I don't have room for that many big pots. So there's that to consider. The roots are already out the bottom of the pot, but I don't think it's root bound. They need watering more often. They are actually doing better than the GDP in the big pot but I think that's an anomaly.

Any pointers on small pot growing are appreciated.
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4 plants should dry to 4.5oz.

And judging by these the big flowers have been 55-65g, and the small ones 25-35g.
The remaining two are just like todays, but have 2 large and 2 small flowers each, instead of one big and 3 small like this one.

My office-pool guess for the weight of the remining two plants is 200g each.


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I forgot to mention that the other purpose for the weight on each limb is to know whey they are dry... duh. I don't trust the "when the stem breaks" theory. after 3-4 days I'll start weighing them. When they get to about 25% of the original weight I start trimming everything off the stems.

After that I'll classify it by size (fat ones dry slower) and usually end up tossing the bigger stuff back on a drying rack after the nuggies are done.


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More info (or what I have) on my "Twin Towers" seed drop in my little Shanksville, PA style propagator.
I dropped a Pentagon each of Florida Diesel (J.James beans) and 4th Gear, batch #24 (CLG)
And that's all the analogies I can think of for dropping seeds on 9/11.

I know Jack about the genetics. The 4th Gear is a big secret, but I have a feeling we'll find out if they market the seeds - so whatever.
The Florida Diesel is bred by @J. James and he can add info on his genetics if he cares to - or that might be secret too - but I'm betting there's a sour diesel in the family tree :)


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The RM (front) and BW could still be twins. The leaves look similar, height, stem thickness, stretch, pretty much everything. Flowers are a little plumper on the RM.


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And the ugly twins with some bud porn

A little peek under the skirt

And plump frosty calyxes.


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DAMN! I flat out LIED! I was playing musical chairs with the plants to see what would work best -

and I happened to check under the hood on both of the manifolds. Here's the Black Widow. Plentiful nugs, pretty standard structure

This is @J.james Royal Mystery o_O

Flowers EVERYWHERE! hashtag not-twins LOL

Look at the lower right of this pic, there are nugs growing out of the stem at the base of the sprouts. F2 or fem this strain or whatever. keep the genetics to play with.